How do I navigate through a quiz/assessment task

Many students ask the question as to where information is located to complete an assessment.  Most tasks will provide all the required information within the assessment/quiz that you are completing.  The following instructions are in relation to the quiz assessment type which displays with the following icon.  Read the information below to get a better understanding of how to use this assessment type and navigate your way around to locate the required information.

mceclip0.pnge.g. Assessment


Click the quiz and you will see the assessment instructions and a button to "attempt quiz now"


If you have already started an attempt, you will see "continue with last attempt"



On the left side you will see a Quiz Navigation bar that lists all the different sections within the quiz.




If your quiz navigation is collapsed, please click on the quiz tab to expand the view.   mceclip4.png


You can click on any of the parts in the quiz navigation which will take you to the chosen section.  



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