Updated Assessment Task / Version

You may have noticed that an assessment task has been updated in your course.  The following article answers commonly asked questions on this topic.


Why has the assessment task been updated?

Assessment tasks may be updated from time to time for a number of reasons including;

  • Keeping the content fresh;
  • Legislation / industry changes;
  • Plagiarism prevention;
  • Feedback from students, trainers, assessors or other significant stakeholders


What if I have already started the previous version?

If you have already commenced the previous version of the assessment task you can continue to complete the assessment tasks as per normal and the assessors will make the assessment task and provide feedback and results as per normal.



If I have already receive a "Satisfactory" result for the task do I need to complete the new version?

No.  If you have already receive a satisfactory grade for the task, this will be accepted as part of the competency requirements for the unit.


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