What is the difference between scheduling and attending the live group session?

BOOK in for a live group session

When it comes to scheduling in for live session, is for you to simply book your place. 


There are only 10 spots available person session to allow for the trained staff member to explain the role play requirements and for students to complete the task requirements, therefore, since places a limited, students need to book into an available date and time suited to them.

The scheduler is indicated by the following icon .  Click on the relevant schedule for the session to view the date(s) and time(s) available.


For example

Note:  This is just the bookings area.  When it comes time to attend the session, this is done via the corresponding BIGBLUEBUTTON.


ATTEND a live group session

When it comes to attending group session you must use the link that has been set up specifically to correspond with each booking.


The live group session is indicated by the following icon  . Click on the relevant live session at your scheduled date/time to ATTEND the booked session.


For Example




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