Why is there no moderator for my booked group session?

The moderator will only be in attendance at the schedule date and time for a booked session.  Outside of these hours, a moderator WILL NOT be in attendance.


When you book for a group session you must ensure that you are using the correct link for the specific group session and attending the session BRISBANE TIME


If you are using a link that is set up for a different group session, or if you are trying to access the session that is not in alignment with Brisbane time, then you will be unable to access the schedule session.


To ensure that you are attending the correct session please check that the unit code e.g. BSBBEF501 in the scheduler aligns with the Live Session.


For example;

The scheduler is used to book at date and time for the group session you wish to attend.


There is a corresponding BIGBLUEBUTTON (this is the actual group session link that you need to use to attend your booked group session.


Notice, that the name of the scheduler for the date and time and the actual link to the live session have the same name, only the icon is different.  


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