What is Pre-Enrolment Assessment?



What is Pre-Enrolment Assessment? 

The purpose of the pre-enrolment assessment is to determine a potential student's eligibility to complete their qualification and incorporates assessment for Language, Literacy and Numeracy such as working knowledge of the English language and an understanding of various mathematical calculations.


Do I have to complete LLN Assessment? 

Yes, this is a compulsory assessment to determine your eligibility for entry into a course. All RTO's are obliged to assess whether the course for which candidates are applying to enter is suitable to satisfy the candidate’s training needs and will assist them with their vocational objectives. Candidates should also declare any other learning needs they may have that will assist the RTO to provide the best possible training outcomes.


I have previously completed a course, can I get an exemption? 

No, all students must complete this to gain access to their course. 


How do I know if I have passed? 

You are required to receive a minimum 75% pass score to receive access to their course content and assessment. Should a student receive a grade lower than 75% the trainers will assess the outcome on a case-by-case basis to determine if the course is suitable for the student to begin.

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