Why can't i complete the dispute resolution case studies in certain units?


This assessment task is covered in CPPREP4002 - Access and interpret ethical practice in real estate (Release 1) and does not need to be completed again in this module. 

Therefore, students must note that a 'Satisfactory' grade is required to be achieved in CPPREP4002 - Access and interpret ethical practice in real estate (Release 1). - Dispute Resolution Case Studies assessment task in order for the student to complete this unit. 

Failure to do this will result in a 'Not Competent' result for this unit.

To acknowledge this information and that you have completed the abovementioned assessment, please tick that you have completed the above-mentioned assessment task.

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    Regarding the No.2 question, i had have completed the case studies, but can not submit.

    Comment from Phung Huang Yip.

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