Downloading Assessment/Resources


When you are completing assignments or assessment tasks that require you to complete forms, or answers questions in a PDF document etc, these WILL need to first been saved to your computer.   


Click the link or the document button and it should automatically open in a new tab.


Click on the option button, top right of your screen, and select download.


Ensure you know where you are saving the file on your computer so you can find it.

To edit the file, ensure you open the document in the appropriate program e.g. Microsoft Word or PDF, and complete as per the instructions.

DO NOT complete the document in your internet browser, doing this will not allow your work to be saved.


You can also use the same method to save resources to your computer to be used with assessment tasks.



When you are completing online assessments/quizzes that requires you to type in your answers on your browser, there is no need to download these to your computer. Instead you just need to type in your answer and click the next question and your answer will automatically save.  You will see a grey colour on questions that have saved answers. See example below.



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    Kate Pearson

    Cannot click on the blue buttons and therefore cannot download

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    me to 

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    How to download the video recording tool ?

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    REAA - Assessing Team

    The video recording tool is only relevant in certain courses/units of competency.  If this is a tool in your course, then when you click to add submission you will then have the option to see the tool and use it. 

    The tool is not downloaded, it is used within the learner portal.

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