Do I have to do the role play to pass my course?


Assessment tasks are designed to meet the elements and performance criteria that have been outlined in the unit of competency details.  Part of these requirements is for students to complete the tasks in a simulated workplace environment.  Working in real estate requires you to meet with clients and customers in face to face interactions.

Given the nature of online training, (we are not in a real estate office or observing you presenting in someone's living room) we collect evidence of your ability to carry out these tasks by having your perform and video record the scenarios.  This allows the assessors to make observations about your competence in line with the requirements outlined in the unit of competency.

We allow you to use the assistance of friends, family members, a work colleague or anyone that you have access to.  This can be done face to face or we also permit you to complete via Zoom or similar application if unable to complete face to face due to social distancing restrictions.

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