Why do I need an Unique Student Identifier (USI)?

The USI initiative commenced on 1 January 2015 and is a reference number made up of ten numbers and letters that is free and easy to create and stays with you for life.

The USI links together nationally recognised training so you can see your training in your USI transcript.

All students doing nationally recognised training need to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). This includes students doing Vocational Education Training (VET) when they are still at school (VET for secondary students).

You must provide your USI to your training provider before you can be issued with a nationally recognised training qualification or Statement of Attainment, except where special exemptions exist.

Under the Student Identifiers Act 2014 and Student Identifiers (Exemptions) Instrument 2018, training organisations are not allowed to issue a qualification or statement of attainment unless the student has a USI or the student or the training is exempt from the USI initiative.

You can obtain further information from About the USI and training | Unique Student Identifier.


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    Gurmeet kaur

    Can someone call me on this number 0424785729 there is nothing where I can contact

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    Gurmeet kaur

    I don’t know why my date of birth does not match with usi application where I can check in my profile my details

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