Finding Legislation


When it comes to the legislation, there are 2 main websites that are dedicated to providing access to all Commonwealth/ Federal and State legislation.

If you visit you will find all Commonwealth/ Federal legislation. This means it deals with all industries across Australia.


E.g. Privacy Act 1980 deals with the collections and storage etc of peoples person information.


When it comes to state legislation, you go to

All state specific legislation for all industries is available in its up to date form at these sites for anyone to access at any time.

Real estate legislation differs from State to state. 

For any question you are attempting you need to think about the legislative implications be it disclosure requirements, health and safety, real estate, conduct standards and work out does it fall under state or federal and then you should have a better understanding and better ability to answer the questions.


Another great tool to use is, by typing the key words of the legislation of interest and selecting the correct State/ Commonwealth you will be directed to the current legislation.


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