Priority Grading Rules


Priority grading is available for students wishing to have their work marked earlier than the 7-business day timeframe.


How to apply for priority grading

To apply for priority grading you need to contact the office on 07 3105 6780 and arrange payment (costs provided below). 

How to activate priority grading

Please note how to activate your priority grading

  1. Complete all of your course work and submit everything
  2.  Notify the trainers via the ‘Send a Message’ Tab that you have completed your course and that you are a priority grade

*Please note that if these steps are not completed then your priority grading will not be properly activated, and this could cause a delay for your marking.


Although most students do the right thing, it has been found that some students abuse the service.


Priority grading is NOT a free pass to receive your statement of attainment faster. You still need to be deemed SATISFACTORY in all the course work.


If a majority of submitted assessment items are deemed not satisfactory then priority marking will be revoked and standard marking policy/timeframes will apply, without refund.  To reinstate priority grading you will need to either pay your fee again or alternatively wait the standard 7 business days for your grading to be completed.


Priority Grading Pricing and Time Frame


  • Registration Certificate / Agents Representative Certificate - $99 (1-2 business day turnaround)
  • Upgrade to Full Licence Course - $149 (2-3 business day turnaround)
  • Full Licence Course - $199 (3-4 business day turnaround)
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